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6 Strategies to Boost Your Website’s SEO

6 July 2022

6 Strategies to Boost Your Website’s SEO

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process that helps a website come out on top of the search results when a search is done on Google, Yahoo, or Bing sites. Know the methods associated with it to boost your website’s SEO and create a good number of visits for your website that results in having increased sales.

Strategies Used to Boost SEO in Websites

If you’re relying on organic searches, then you should prioritize your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Aside from using the Google search console, below are several ways you could do that helps reduce your website’s bounce rate:

  • Use Keywords

The first step to having optimized blog posts is by inserting keywords and LSI keywords. This will enable the crawlers to easily find your website when a user searches for certain words or phrases. If the keywords used are appropriately inserted throughout the content, the easier it is for google crawlers to find your web page.

  • Focus on Engagement

Focus on what your users are doing on your site. What you want is for them to drop by and be active. For this to happen, what you need is interesting header tags and meta tags, an eye-catching title tag, and informative content and meta description. The more users can rely on your website’s contents, the more traffic it’ll bring. With Google Analytics, you can easily track and analyze your visitors.

Pieces of content like videos, social media, news articles, research content, and educational content will also help keep visitors on your page longer.

  • Time on Page 

More time on a page is better than less. To ensure a longer presence have a strong introduction by making your page title and featured snippet interesting, informative, and entertaining paragraphs. Avoid big blocks of text by keeping your paragraphs short and breaking them up with images that have interesting captions.

  • Goal Completion

Beyond spending time reading on the website, the real purpose of having someone drop in on you is to get the person to click on your call-to-action buttons. Spike your visitor’s curiosity with quality content and not by being too pushy on selling. Make them know more about what you’re offering by having them click on those backlinks.

  • Pay Attention to User Experience

This is vital in improving your SEO especially if you’re targeting mobile device users. Last year, Google rolled out an update dedicated solely to user experience. You can bet your bottom dollar that this new consideration will include loading performance as a criterion. For this, you need social media pages, image optimization, and zero slow-loading scripts to improve your website’s SEO.

  • Build links

Internal links are a major element in increasing your search ranking. The more informative the content is, the higher chance you’ll attract links from other websites. When linking keywords, use descriptive links as it adds value to your readers especially to screen readers and those with disabilities.


These are just several of the many SEO strategies you can utilize to help improve the ranking pages of your website. Content marketing needs quality content, proper usage of keywords, link building, and regular updates to boost your website up to the first page of google. With a highly skilled team like Technodream Web Design, we can help bring the desired traffic to your website.

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