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Ask These Things to Your Web Designer Before Beginning a Project

23 February 2023

Ask These Things to Your Web Designer Before Beginning a Project

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Ask These Things to Your Web Designer  Before Beginning a Project

As a business owner, finally building a website is a step towards reaching more audiences and making more sales. However, owning a website will not guarantee you are targeting your desired market or that you will get ramped-up purchases overnight. When designing a website, the goal is to make visitors stay longer, engage, and return in the future; it sums up your brand identity, and marketing strategies like SEO are easy to implement. One way to know you are working with a great web design and development company is to ask them the right questions before implementing the project.

Communication with your web designer about your ideas is crucial for them to elicit information from you. Here’s a list of the questions you can ask your web designer before the project starts.

Options That Are Within Your Budget

Allocating a budget for your website, branding, and marketing strategies is on the front burner once you decide to go online. Informing your web designer about your budget ensures you are not overspending, the most essential features are prioritized, and extra costs are avoided.

The Design Process

Understanding the design process will help you know your designer’s approach and thought process, and if these approaches align with your goals and expectations. It also lets you leave feedback on each step to ensure the design is tailored to your requirements and helps you set the right expectations.

Ask for a Portfolio or Previous Work

When you see a web design portfolio, you get an idea of your designer’s design style, skills, and experience. A portfolio can also show how your website may look based on your designer’s technique on other design challenges.


Mobile-friendly and responsive websites have become required in website creation since most users use mobile devices to browse the internet. Being upfront with your web designer about responsiveness ensures your website is user-friendly, complies with SEO best practices, and has a competitive advantage.

Templates and Specific CMS

Many web designers use pre-built templates and specific content management systems, such as WordPress or Squarespace. Templates and CMS can affect your website’s functionality, scalability, level of maintenance, and customization. Asking your web designer about it will help you understand if they can meet your requirements and eliminate additional costs. 

Revisions and Changes

Most web designers offer two or three revisions after the initial design. Any additional edits will be subject to an hourly charge. Providing detailed feedback at every step of the design process and setting clear expectations will minimize changes and revisions, therefore minimizing any additional payments.

Experience in SEO

It is crucial to ask your web designer if they have an experience with Search Engine Optimization because it will significantly impact the success of your website. A web designer with SEO knowledge will design and develop your website with the best SEO practices in mind, improving your website’s ranking on search engines. It means that your website will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easier for potential customers to find your website.

Gathering information about web design is a great strategy to ensure you get the most out of what you paid for. One of the first steps to a well-designed website is employing a web design and development company that recognizes your needs. Technodream is just that. Browse our project portfolio and services to discover more about us. 

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