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Cookie Policy

Effective Date on May 06, 2020

We at Technodream Web Design believe in the importance of being transparent on how we collect and use your information as our client. Our website uses cookies and similar technologies for data collection and usage. These processes take place when you visit or use our “Service” as defined in our Privacy Policy.

By continuing to browse or use our website, you are giving your consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes which are outlined in this Cookie Policy.


Cookies are small packets of file or data which are received by your device when navigating our website. These aid us in improving the features and functionalities of our Service for a more convenient and effective user experience for you. These are the types of cookies we use:

• Session Cookies – These track your movement across the pages of our website by keeping and remembering all the data you input so you would not have to provide the same details repeatedly as you navigate from page to page. The information stored by these cookies is erased once you exit or close the browser.

• Preference Cookies – These stores the information which causes our website to behave or look differently. Such information includes but is not limited to the preferred language. the state or region you are in, text sizes, and other customizable features on our website.

• Security Cookies – These ensure the protection of your information from unauthorized collection and use by third-parties.

Google Analytics

We employ Google Analytics as well as the cookies associated with their tool to further improve and develop our Service and provide you with better usability, The cookies they use and the functions of each are described here.


We use cookies and other technologies aforementioned for the following purposes :

• Security – to improve the safety of your information while navigating through our website.

• Preferences – to remember your preferred setup and features, and to help configure the website’s behavior and appearance accordingly for enhanced functionality.

• Tracking – to keep track of how you browse and behave while navigating the website to help us determine how we may further improve our Service for your advantage and convenience.

Opt-Out Options

If you do not wish to have your information collected and used by cookies and other similar technologies aforementioned, you can avoid it by exiting from our website or closing your browser.

On the other hand, if you merely prefer to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your data, you can choose to opt-out.

To learn more about how we collect and use your information, visit our Privacy Policy.