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Cookie Policy

Effective Date on May 6, 2020

Technodream highly regards the significance of openness and clarity when it comes to our collection and usage of your data. Through the implementations of cookies and other tracking technologies, our website gathers and uses your information as you visit or navigate our “Service” as interpreted in our Privacy Policy.

By continuing to use our Service, you agree to the usage and implementation of the functions and purposes of cookies and other similar technologies as defined in this Cookie Policy.  


In order for our website to demonstrate its fullest usability, we use cookies which are small files received by your device when you are using our Service. These technologies allow us to enhance the features and functionality of our website to provide you with the best user experience while you browse. These are the types of cookies that we use:

  • Session Cookies – These collect and store your browsing information as you navigate our website from page to page. These also remember all the information that you input during the session so you do not have to provide the same details each time you click a different page within our website. All information that these cookies store will be erased once you end your browsing session by closing the tab or the browser.
  • Preference Cookies – Any information that affects how our website behaves or appear are stored by these type of cookies. These pieces of data include your preferred language, region, text sizes, and other customizable aspects of our website.
  • Security Cookies – For further protection, these cookies prevent unauthorized third-parties from accessing, collecting, and using any of your information.

Google Analytics

With the aid of Google Analytics, we continuously move our Service toward advancement as we aim to provide you with effective functionality and better user experience when you visit or use our Service. Google Analytics also uses cookies for purpose and functions defined here.


We use cookies for the following purposes :

  • Security – to ensure the safety and protection of your information while using our website.
  • Preferences – to remember your preferred configurations and features, and help structure the website accordingly for a more personalized functionality.
  • Tracking – to track your browsing information and behavior that can help us establish improvements on our website for your convenience.

Opt-Out Options

If you disagree with the collection and use of your information through cookies and other similar technologies implemented on our Service, you can prevent it by exiting from our website or closing the browser.

However, if you specifically want to prevent Google Analytics from gathering and tracking your information, you can choose to opt-out.

To learn more about how we collect and use your information, visit our Privacy Policy.