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Tips for an Effective Web Design

22 May 2022

Tips for an Effective Web Design

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There is no set rule for achieving the best web design for your business. However, there are tips and tricks you can follow to come up with a good website design that caters to user experience in all the right ways. 

Great websites can be anywhere from minimalistic to playful, sleek, vibrant, and modern. What matters most is how the design exudes your style, business, and brand identity. At Technodream, we follow key principles to come up with an effective website design that fully showcases your business while being functional. Here’s how our web design company can do it for you.

Web design principles for an effective website

  • Your homepage should be free of clutter
  • Keep the visual hierarchy in mind
  • Website content should be easy to read
  • Keep website navigation easy for users
  • Don’t neglect mobile-friendliness

Your homepage should be free of clutter

One of our web design tips is to make sure your homepage gets your core message across immediately so keep any important content above the fold. It only takes a few seconds to effectively capture the interest of site viewers, often with them just quickly scanning a page and picking out images and a few words or sentences. So when learning how to design a website, keep your homepage clean and simple to make it more visually appealing to users. 

Give your web design a spacious and well-balanced feel by employing white space in between design elements. 

Keep visual hierarchy in mind

The main design components for visual hierarchy include size, weight, and element placement. Make your business name and logo larger and more prominent. Place your visual elements, such as call-to-action buttons strategically to steer the visitor’s eyes in the right direction.

Remember, every element that’s on your homepage should have a function.  If it doesn’t, then remove it because it will add to the clutter.

Website content should be easy to read

Creating the best web design isn’t just about the visual but it’s also about quickly getting your point across. Keep text in bite-sized paragraphs as much as possible to get the point across directly. This makes it easier for users to scan your content. 

When it comes to readability, good contrast between the text and background is essential so be careful with your color palette. The font size should also be larger and easy on the eyes but the variation of fonts shouldn’t exceed three. You can also use text themes to establish a clear hierarchy.

Keep website navigation easy for users

You may get the urge to make a website that’s unique, but when it comes to site navigation, a good website design always works best when it’s easy to use. After all, you would want your website visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. Plus, it will help search engines effectively index your content. 

Link your homepage to your logo so that users can go back to your homepage easily. Keep your menu easy to find regardless of what style you choose. If your web design is of the long-scrolling variety, use an anchor menu so that users can quickly jump to other sections of the site. Lastly, place all of your important links on the footer, such as social media icons, contact information, a shortened menu, and other relevant links your visitors may need.

Don’t neglect mobile-friendliness

Last on the list of our web design tips is that an effective web design should be responsive no matter the device the visitor is using. Make sure your site can be viewed on mobile phones and the layout is still presentable, easy to navigate, and that the content is easy to read. In fact, a mobile version of your site should be less cluttered. For this, consider minimizing some page elements.

Planning on building your own business website? Then take note of these key web design principles for an effective website. But if you want the best web design, choose Technoreadm for all your web design development needs.  

Our web design agency has created websites for hundreds of clients, improving digital experience through creative visual designs and functional elements. Let our experienced and talented designers and programmers create a good website design that effectively showcases your business and what you have to offer. Get all that and more comprehensive services at affordable rates.

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